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Fanart : | Ace of Diamond | | Attack of Titan | | Sengoku Basara |
~ Friday, October 17 ~
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~ Thursday, October 16 ~


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~ Tuesday, October 14 ~

inktober #5-8. Still lagging behind… trying to get better with brushpen

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~ Friday, October 10 ~

Meant to colour but I didn’t want to be late… Happy birthday Noya-san~~

I apologise for not being able to draw the rest of HQ characters.

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~ Wednesday, October 8 ~

Commissions are open!

Hi all, I’m taking commissions. I don’t really want to talk about the drama that’s happened in real life recently, but a source of extra income would really help right now.

Commission Info
** Personal commissions only. Please do not claim the finished work as your own.

Prices (USD)
+ Prices apply for 1 character
+ Additional characters for $20 each

1. Full body + full colour (no background) - $30
2. Full body + full colour + simple background - $50

OK to request: Original characters and fanart with references, robots, androids. Please drop an ask if you’re not sure.

Strictly will not draw: Adult content, concept art type backgrounds.

Payment:- Payment is accepted by Paypal only.
- 1/2 payment is required before starting, and the other half before I send the finished file.
**Finished work will be sent in the form of a 300 DPI PDF file.

Please email your requests to if you’d like to commission me or if you have any questions!

Thank you for reading this! Any reblogs will be greatly appreciated!

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Inktober day 4 and stress relief doodles…

4 days in on inktober debt and other life stuff /stressed

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~ Friday, October 3 ~

Inktober day 3! and random Noya-senpai

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~ Thursday, October 2 ~

inktober Day 2!

Here’s Nine who’s afraid of monsters under the bed, pollyguo's OC from way way back. I'm borrowing him for a short original comic about nanahime but the only reference I have of him is in my memories… (sorry for all the mistakes)

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~ Wednesday, October 1 ~
inktober day 1! Let’s see if I can keep up this year.
(happy birthday chris-senpai~~)

inktober day 1! Let’s see if I can keep up this year.

(happy birthday chris-senpai~~)

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~ Monday, September 29 ~


Re-reading old chapters and this is something I wanted to draw for some time?

Spoilers for Inashiro vs Ugumori under the cut

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